U8 Debugger

U8 debugger implemented with S8 running as a Chrome extension.

Author: Alejandro F. Reimondo
License terms: MIT License.
Requirements: Google's Chrome browser.

The S8 platform executing on top of Google's V8 VM, can be debugged remotelly. The current implementation instrument debugging capabilities using Google's Chrome.
The U8 Debugger installs as a Chrome extension, and will debug any page running in Chrome. If the page contains a S8 execution environment, the debugger will enable debugging at smalltalk level.

How to Install:

  1. Decompress the contents of this contribution (downloaded as a zip file) in a new folder.
  2. Goto extension settings page (chrome://extensions/).
  3. Press the button to "load unpackaged extension", and select the folder.
  4. At this point you must see the U8 debugger icon on the right of the address bar.

How to Use:
  1. Point your Chrome browser to a web page or any U8 contribution, and press the U8 debugger icon to start debugging.
  2. When running a S8 image, you can evaluate "self halt" in a workspace, to pause execution and go to debugger tab to step/inspect/debug.

More inforamtion: