About the JX8 platform

JX8 is an execution environment (platform) to run native applications written with S8, for multiple operating systems (windows/OSX/iOS7Android and more). Read more about this platform in our community swiki



The platform folder contain binary versions of JX8 system, with U8 tools (in case of GUI interface) and System Server that let you connect the system from other computer.

We also published mobile applications in market containing the U8 tools, so you can learn and develop mobile applications with S8 smalltalk running in the device itself and also connected from desktop with the default U8 toolset for the web.

U8 Smalltalk Tools - Android Apps on Google Play.

The applications are the suggested starting point to develop your application. As S8 systems are open source you can modify, extend, reduce any existing system to fit your needs. In case you need to innovate on smalltalk side, you can do it, as usual, when the system is running.


Please note that implementation is under development for each target, and the advance on each target has a speed dependent on real needs of use to build apps, and also dependent on the people interested in the target.

MIT Licensed