With CS8, you can load S8 applications (snapshot or module based apps) in a hosting .Net application and execute smalltalk expressions at any time.

All the .Net objects can be exposed to (are visible from) S8. The hosting application can expose any object and/or libraries (it is also possible to dynamically expose objects/libraries from S8 side).
All the objects visible through .Net reflection can be used from S8.

Your starting point for S8 development for .Net is a minimal Demo snapshot/application that can be customized (from files under S8 folder) to load precompiled S8 code at startup.

How it works?

The current implementation use ClearScript (an efficient javascript wrapper for .Net) and S8 is mounted on top of V8 running the library. The library exposes most of the .Net framework and we use S8 wrappers to build smalltalk interfaces that run as fast as possible (V8 perfomance) and maximum visibility through .Net reflection.



MIT Licensed