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In short...

If you are looking for the source code; register here (it is free), all the images provided by U8 service contains the minimal code of S8.

For more details on "How to use S8"; feel free to contact the U8 Team.

If you use U8 platform to do social working using Smalltalk, you already have the S8 sources (MIT licensed)... and more.

What is S8?

S8 is a way to use Smalltalk designed for this decade (2010 - 2020).

It is fruit of cycles of experiences (using Smalltalk) and reflections on how software industry has changed from y2k; and concepts emerged/endured from Smalltalking community efforts (apr/2002 - ) and of successful (and failed) attempts to build modern concepts of software production for "old" smalltalkers (experts in doing smalltalk during last +20yrs).

S8 is consistent with a vision on Smalltalk ("What is Smalltalk?").

As a tool it is usable for people with similar/compatible Point of View (POV) about Smalltalk.

It has not been any attempt nor investment in designing ways/adaptions to be usable for wider audience.

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What next?

What is recommended as your next step on S8?

  • Take an Introductory course on S8
  • Contact us to find a way to make it happen near your home/office.

    Contact us to arrange a virtual meeting

  • Contact the experts
  • Join to our mailing list

What are the license terms of S8?

S8 is a derivative work of other MIT licensed sources (please read license terms).

Note that S8 modules/frameworks can add dependencies dynamically to running system.

How/where S8 is different from product/project XXX ?

Try to use S8 for your next project, and to develop in a social context using U8. You will see the diference instantly, while working. U8 adds a lot of frameworks and tools to make your smalltalk experience more productive and instructive.

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