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How to use our complete implementation of Node.js interface (NodeJS framework). Plus a minimal framework for testing server side frameworks/apps.
Published on 17/02/2012 13:23:24 by aleReimondo
Server side development using S8 + NodeJS with API calls and callbacks support (under windows). Includes a complete test set of FFI interface.
Published on 28/02/2012 20:02:37 by aleReimondo
How to use client side websockets.
Published on 14/12/2012 17:10:52 by aleReimondo
A simple demostration on how to set contribution to automatically open a CHB on class side messages of a class. It should open a CHB on WebSocket class messages after loadign the contibution (and WS framework libraries).
Published on 26/03/2013 18:42:57 by aleReimondo
Framework to detect/track objects (faces & read barcode). See example application (on class side).
Published on 29/10/2015 16:55:16 by aleReimondo
Framework to in-application send of SMS and email. Browse #example on class side. Note that the MessageUI framework must be linked to application to run the example.
Published on 29/10/2015 16:55:20 by aleReimondo
This is a implementation of a remote workspace. You can evaluate smalltalk expressions in a remote S8 which is running on a nodejs server. The implementation use websocket and does not consider security policies or error handling.
Published on 05/06/2013 19:55:17 by claudio campos
Server side development using S8 + NodeJS
Published on 17/02/2012 13:21:07 by Smalltalking
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