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Project for development using Cordova 3.x with S8, running on IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Smalltalk 100% compatible with Android version (Cva8).
Published on 13/11/2013 16:56:17 by aleReimondo
Native application framework to write iOS native applications, implementing ALL application classes in S8. This platform let you write your applications in S8 and Access/use/implement ObjectiveC clases in S8. The binding to ObjectiveC objects is through native interface and includes a custom implementation of libffi that run in iPhone and iPad devices.
Published on 19/03/2014 22:17:01 by aleReimondo
A Coco8 Application sample. Use the Coco8 App to load and run this App in your iPhone (or iPad). The simple pop up the share sheet to Gift the Subway Surfer App to a friend. The App will load and run from U8 service in your coco8 host. See our swiki for more details.
Published on 26/01/2015 14:48:54 by aleReimondo
Loadable coco8 Application that dynamically load and run in iPhone and iPad devices. Point your phone to this folder to run the App.
Published on 26/01/2015 15:31:03 by aleReimondo
Framework to detect/track objects (faces & read barcode). See example application (on class side).
Published on 29/10/2015 16:55:16 by aleReimondo
Framework to in-application send of SMS and email. Browse #example on class side. Note that the MessageUI framework must be linked to application to run the example.
Published on 29/10/2015 16:55:20 by aleReimondo
This contribution allows to access local databases in iOS devices. It is also a good example about wrapping an existing Objective C third party library. (In this case, We wrap FMDB library). See also
Published on 03/02/2016 18:10:40 by claudio.roitman
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