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Wrapper to Google API QR Code
Published on 17/02/2012 22:19:16 by Lynx
A windows Gadget for chat on U8 topics
Published on 27/02/2012 18:36:10 by aleReimondo
It contain a page with references/links to U8 topics of interest.
Published on 28/02/2012 16:22:03 by aleReimondo
Server side development using S8 + NodeJS with API calls and callbacks support (under windows). Includes a complete test set of FFI interface.
Published on 28/02/2012 20:02:37 by aleReimondo
How to (dynamically) load Google Libraries with Google Loader.
Published on 23/04/2012 20:49:38 by aleReimondo
Test of our full implementation of CodeMirror API. Replace textArea of workspace with CodeMirror editor. As an example, we implemented naïve support for Smalltalk syntax using our S8 framework (it do NOT require external foreign script to implement a language syntax).
Published on 29/05/2012 22:52:13 by aleReimondo
Reading and writing objects in json format. With extension to support cyclic references, and mappings/transforms for objects during conversion.
Published on 02/07/2012 12:26:34 by aleReimondo
A library to exchange data using webSockets from/to a Visual Smalltalk Application. It is a Visual Smalltalk implementation of libWebSockets API, that let you implement webSockets (server and client mode) to share data with S8 applications running Web and/or android platforms. UPDATED tp support (sub)protocols.
Published on 13/09/2013 13:09:39 by aleReimondo
How to run S8 systems on the Raspberry Pi
Published on 29/05/2017 17:20:30 by aleReimondo
Step by step sample using MPU6050 sensor on Raspberry Pi platform.
Published on 17/10/2017 18:56:32 by lordBreetai
This contributions shows you different ways to access to an attribute using syntax sugar. Also will show you the compiled code generated by the block that we are evaluating, so you can see the diference in the compiled code in every method used.
Published on 14/03/2012 16:06:04 by miguelisasmendi
It's a tool that lets you to export easily a framework compiled code, source code, or both. Also lets you to insert code before and after the framework you are exporting.
Published on 09/08/2013 15:06:59 by miguelisasmendi
This contribution allows to access local databases in iOS devices. It is also a good example about wrapping an existing Objective C third party library. (In this case, We wrap FMDB library). See also
Published on 03/02/2016 18:10:40 by claudio.roitman
Includes LuaStudioSetup settings for running LuaStudio MipMapping sample.
Published on 30/05/2019 18:28:00 by Felipe Zak
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