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Tests for booting from (multiple) external files
Published on 26/04/2012 08:25:13 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to load our COMPLETE jQuery Interface for S8 and a simple expression to ensure it is ready to run.
Published on 02/05/2012 06:34:35 p.m. by aleReimondo
Demostration of jQuery UI Interface (w/ Theme switcher)
Published on 04/05/2012 04:24:29 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to use our gamepad interface for S8. Simple workspace expressions to learn how to use gamepads and joysticks with U8 (web platform).
Published on 21/05/2012 07:04:14 p.m. by aleReimondo
Test of our full implementation of CodeMirror API. Replace textArea of workspace with CodeMirror editor. As an example, we implemented naïve support for Smalltalk syntax using our S8 framework (it do NOT require external foreign script to implement a language syntax).
Published on 29/05/2012 10:52:13 p.m. by aleReimondo
Preview of WI8 (widgets for S8) and new Smalltalk tools for U8 (workspace, CHB, inspectors, references, and more) ---IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS--- frequently updated to let you see the advance each time you visit this image.
Published on 21/09/2012 08:04:41 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to extract resources from zip files.
Published on 05/06/2012 12:43:49 p.m. by aleReimondo
Handling touch devices with our DOM framework.
Published on 06/06/2012 08:13:05 p.m. by aleReimondo
Reading and writing objects in json format. With extension to support cyclic references, and mappings/transforms for objects during conversion.
Published on 02/07/2012 12:26:34 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to use U8 interface to UglifyJS library (a general-purpose JavaScript parser/compressor/beautifier toolkit)
Published on 18/06/2012 05:48:52 p.m. by aleReimondo
Handling mouse devices with our DOM framework.
Published on 05/09/2012 03:38:58 p.m. by aleReimondo
U8 Debugger as a Chrome extension. -IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS- Debug Instrumentation of S8 environment with remote debugging capabilities. Great step forward! raw/compact interface elements w/full debug instrumentation (100% S8 code).
Published on 19/10/2012 01:53:07 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to load SWF library and dynamically embedd flash contents in a page.
Published on 14/12/2012 05:10:47 p.m. by aleReimondo
How to use client side websockets.
Published on 14/12/2012 05:10:52 p.m. by aleReimondo
A simple demostration on how to set contribution to automatically open a CHB on class side messages of a class. It should open a CHB on WebSocket class messages after loadign the contibution (and WS framework libraries).
Published on 26/03/2013 06:42:57 p.m. by aleReimondo
The S8 platform presentation, created for The 2013 Smalltalk Industry Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. 30's Smalltalk Aniversary. June, 2013
Published on 12/06/2013 02:28:51 p.m. by aleReimondo
It is the default S8 image to be run with IE on XBOX 360. Show us what you can do with Smalltalk for XBOX !
Published on 08/07/2013 11:44:03 p.m. by aleReimondo
Project for development using Cordova 3.x with S8, running on IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Smalltalk 100% compatible with Android version (Cva8).
Published on 13/11/2013 04:56:17 p.m. by aleReimondo
TypedArrays minimal framework
Published on 20/05/2012 02:08:43 p.m. by lordBreetai
Forwarder tool to define a set of links for documentation purpose
Published on 11/07/2016 06:28:20 p.m. by lordBreetai
Web based development booting from external files
Published on 19/04/2012 04:10:31 p.m. by Smalltalking
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